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  • Modern Architecture Homes

    Prominent features of modern architecture include open interior floor plans with fewer walls and exterior building materials of glass and steel. Lines of modern architecture are straight and angled rather than curved, gabled and carved.

  • Reclaimed Rustic Architecture Homes

    Characteristics of this style are an open floor plan, modern or rustic furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. Included in the building elements are reclaimed wood that comprise the floors, beams, and/or siding.

  • Ranch Architecture Homes

    Characteristics of this style are one story, asymmetrical, low-pitched roof, moderate or wide-eave overhang, logical, open floor plan, sliding glass doors, large picture windows, built of local materials, and attached garages.

  • Craftsman Architecture Homes

    These homes feature low-pitched rooflines, usually done in a hip or gable (triangular) style, wide/andor overhanging eaves. exposed rafters under the eves, a covered front porch and pillars lining the entry.