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What Makes You A Distinguished Home Builder?

There are builders across the country who do a great job at what they do best - using their skills and expertise to build well-constructed homes that are, in most cases, a lifelong dream for the owners.

But, at Van Wey Homes, LLC, we work directly with the home owners from start to finish to find out the smallest details and then build that into the home design from day one. Our building process uses finish carpenters starting with the framing and going through to the completion of the residence. They have pride in their work and it shows in every home we build.

What Is Your Customer Service?

We are a custom home builder In Southern Oregon, that has been family owned and operated since day one. We make quality our #1 priority.

Because at the end of the day, customers remember how they were treated, Van Wey Homes, LLC strives to over deliver on all promises made.

In addition, we does a customer survey at the closing of every project, and consistently achieves high ratings.

We are not a builder that does thousands of homes. We don’t want to be that type of builder. Instead, we work on a few homebuilding projects at a time, with extreme focus to detail and craftsmanship.

Why Should I Build My Home With Van Wey Homes, LLC?

We make a serious effort to stay on top of trends in the industry. Our homes use the finest details available, based on the budget of your project.

Our carpenters know how to transform their skill and craft into a home your family will be proud to enjoy for years to come.

Because we are a family owned business there is no buck passing. There is no one to pass the buck too. You deal directly with Wayne Van Wey who runs each project.

At Van Wey Homes, LLC, our emphasis is quality, starting from the very beginning. Over the decades we have created long lasting relationships with the clients who hire us to build their custom homes. We build in the communities of Southern Oregon, including Ashland, Medford, Talent, Jacksonville and Phoenix.

Be sure to look at our real estate for sale that is located in Medford, Oregon.

The design and finished carpentry skills of our team translate into a home with a distinguished look and feel that lasts forever. These features include medium and high pitched roofs, designer hand railings, tapered columns, stylish doors, multi paned windows, earthly colors, finished carpentry touches everywhere, earthly colors, and a whole lot more.

The unique features and craftsmanship of our homes will produce immediate equity. This is why many of our clients select Van Wey Homes, LLC to build their dream residence. For decades we have successfully used our craftsmanship to build stylish homes featuring straightforward statement lighting, hand-crafted tiles, superior granite and butcher block counters, natural flooring, built-in furnishings, and cozy nooks.